Wiretap: Will the DNC be as nasty as Nevada’s convention?

Nasty conventions

It’s not unusual for conventions to turn nasty. But they don’t usually end up with death threats and claims of “murdered democracy.” Jon Ralston, the go-to political reporter in Nevada, writes of the angry clash between Sanders and Clinton supporters that took place at the Nevada Democratic Convention in Las Vegas. He wonders if what happened in Vegas could spill over into the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Inner turmoil

More problems for Democrats: It’s labor vs. labor and labor vs. environmentalists as key Democratic activists clash in an attempt to raise $50 million for voter turnout in an effort to beat Donald Trump. Via The New York Times.

Punting down

This is what an eight-justice Supreme Court looks like: Making what The Atlantic calls a “nonsensical” ruling on religious non-profits’ challenge to the Obamacare contraceptive mandate.

Koch World

The National Review writes that in Koch World, the big “realignment” means less money for national politics. It’s just business, as the corporate side worries that the political side is hurting the Koch brothers brand.

Gentler humiliation

Greg Sargent: Donald Trump has a new strategy in taking on Hillary Clinton. Kinder, gentler humiliation. Via The Washington Post.

Sexism signs

Dylan Matthews: Read every horrible thing Donald Trump has said about women and then tell me he’s not a sexist. Via Vox.

Attack plans

Jonathan Chait writes in New York Magazine that the way for Clinton to attack Trump is to claim that he’s a fraud. You start with his tax returns — what is he hiding? — and go from there.

Showing up

Will the Megyn vs. Donald hype measure up in the debut of Megyn Kelly Presents? Politico’s Jack Schafer is skeptical.

Global economy

A lesson in how the global economy works (sometimes): China took thousands of jobs from Maine, but now it’s eating $20 million worth of its lobsters. Via The Washington Post.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons, Flickr

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