Wiretap: Bill Clinton, Inc., anger management, and the existentialism of Dylan

The latest Wikileaks email dump dumps all over the Clinton Foundation, highlighting the Clinton campaign’s concern about the foundation’s big-money foreign donors as well as Bill Clinton’s personal money-making strategies, which was called, in one memo, Bill Clinton, Inc. It looks like they had every reason to be worried. Via the New York Times.

Meanwhile, what everyone is talking about is the new GOP war on women, this time starring Newt Gingrich, who was shaking his finger at Fox News’s Megyn Kelly while telling her she is “fascinated with sex” after she asked Gingrich’s about those women who had accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. A Trump adviser tweeted that Kelly wasn’t very smart, and Trump congratulated Gingrich on the interview. Via the Washington Post.

Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s “Right Turn” columnist,  writes of Trump’s party of angry, white, abusive males.

The Democrats may win the presidency and they may take back the Senate, but some Republicans seem more concerned with getting revenge against Paul Ryan for his lukewarm support of Trump. Via the New York Times.

So, Mike Pence is campaigning in Utah. Yes, in Utah, which last went Democratic in 1964. Via National Review.

Here’s one way to explain Hillary Clinton’s recent rise in the polls: According to a Harvard Institute of Politics poll, she’s now leading millennials by 28 points. Thanks, Bernie? Via the New Republic.

Three ways to fix Obamacare: One of them, and maybe the most important, is to bring on that public option. You think that’s going to happen? Via the New Yorker.

What happened to the Iran nuclear deal as a huge campaign issue? Donald Trump happened. Via Foreign Policy.

If you want to know how to interpret Bob Dylan’s Nobel silence, you might start by re-reading your Jean Paul Sartre. Via the New York Times.


Photo by puffydown via Fickr, Creative Commons