Cigars (not yet lit) at Colorado GOP watch party

With GOP nominee Donald Trump holding a significant lead over his Democratic opponent, Republicans at the Colorado GOP watch party are trying to balance their jubilance with cautious optimism.

More than a few Republicans were walking around with victory cigars at the ready but no one was ready to light them just yet.

Republicans gathered at the Denver Tech Center for the state GOP watch party have had much to celebrate Tuesday evening, even as Colorado turned blue for Hillary Clinton. The sting of losing their home state was softened when shortly after Colorado was called for Clinton, Ohio was put in Trump’s column.

“I’m very excited about this and knew it was going to happen because America is frustrated with both parties. Trump doesn’t represent the Republican party, he represents the people of the United States,” said Regina Serna, a Trump supporter at the GOP watch party. “(Pundits) didn’t understand what people were frustrated about and people voted their frustration.”

The pundits may have missed how close this election was going to be but more than a few Republicans were shocked at the results so far Tuesday evening. Throughout the watch party, friends huddled together to express their joy and disbelief at the results late Tuesday evening.

State Sen. Kevin Grantham, R-Canyon City, was happy with the results after several hours of election results showed Trump in the lead. But he didn’t want to shoot off any confetti until it was all over.

“It’s a pretty good atmosphere. As with every election, it’s filled with joy and disappointment. And we have a little bit of that on our own side so far. But it looks like it’s going to be a long night,” Grantham said.

Photo by Ramsey Scott.  From left, Floyd Trujillo, Doreen Rossi, Laura Duncan and Regina Serna enjoy some election night pizza while watching the returns late Tuesday night at the Colorado GOP watch party at the Double Tree Hotel in the Denver Tech Center.