Wiretap: Romney eats crow, Trump does magic and the old world order comes to an end

Sleight of hands

Donald Trump offers up a little economic magic. On one hand, he makes a big show of convincing Carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana, with the help of some financial incentives eased along by former Indiana governor Mike Pence. And with the other hand — or maybe even the same one — Trump taps Steven Mnuchin, with his deep roots in Wall Street and at Goldman Sachs, to be his Treasury secretary. Via the New York Times.


There’s a very large asterisk that accompanies Trump’s big win with Carrier. Via the Washington Post.

Gutting healthcare

Yes, Tom Price, Trump’s choice for HHS secretary, is well positioned to start gutting Obamacare. But what comes next? If you know Price’s radically conservative views on health care, you can expect him to go after Medicare and then Medicaid. Via Politico.

Romney’s amnesia

Remember Trump the “phony,” the “fake,” the “con man”? Well, Mitt Romney, who called Trump all these things and more, apparently doesn’t. In search of the Secretary of State’s job, Romney sat down with Trump for dinner at Trump Tower, munching on a menu of frog legs and crow. Via the Washington Post.

Praising Trump

Here’s the video of Romney’s apres-dinner comments in praise of the man he hopes to make his boss. Via RedState.

After Fidel

Now that Fidel is gone, what does Trump plan to do about Obama’s outreach to Cuba? So far the only things we know are from Trump’s opening Tweet salvo. Via the New Yorker.

Big picture

While Democrats worry about figuring out how Hillary Clinton could have lost to Trump and who is to blame, they’re missing the bigger picture — what to do next. Via the Huffington Post.

Nancy Pelosi

From the National Review, Democrats have a Nancy Pelosi problem. Isn’t it about time they did something about it?

Defending hypocrisy

Who says the media only goes for the negative? Michael Gerson explains why Donald Trump’s hypocrisy is actually good for the nation. Via the Washington Post.

Contract law

OK, so maybe you think contract law can be boring. But what about when the contract seems to say that the new president must give up his lease on his new Washington D.C. hotel because he’s the president? Via the Atlantic.

End of an era

Ian Buruma asks: In the era of Trump and Brexit, will the old Anglo-American order to the world finally be coming to an end? Via the New York Times magazine.

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey, Creative Commons, Flickr