Wiretap: Trump’s foreign policy, the liberal Tea Party, how conservatives can save America

The Gillard Government made a commitment in 2010 to release all children from immigration detention by June 2011, but still 1000 children languish in the harsh environment of immigration camps around Australia. The Refugee Action Collective organised a protest on July 9, 2011 outside the Melbourne Immigration Transit accommodation which is used for the detention of unaccompanied minors.

Suddenly Trump foreign policy is starting to look a lot like Obama foreign policy. Trump warns Israel on settlements. He warns Russia on Crimea. He warns Iran on missiles. Of course, then there’s Australia. Via The New York Times.

Two key Republicans are now talking about repairing Obamacare instead of replacing it. So maybe this could be harder than some people thought. Via The Washington Post.

When it comes to defending Obamacare, liberals are the new Tea Party. And now they’re planning to protest like it’s 2009. Via Vox.

Trump is considering a so-called religious freedom executive order that LGBTQ supporters are calling “an invitation to theocracy.” Via The Washington Post. And The Nation has a copy of the draft.

The State Department wrote a Holocaust remembrance message that mentioned Jews. The White House used its own that didn’t. Via Politico.

When Trump says he’s going to send in the Feds to Chicago, Chicago wonders: Does he really mean he’s going to send in the Feds? Via The New Yorker.

Conor Friedersdorf: How conservatives can save America from Donald Trump. Via The Atlantic.

Clive Crook: I gave Trump a chance — and I lost. You should check out the link. Via Bloomberg View.

From The National Review: Any Republican senators thinking about voting against Betsy DeVos, remember that will only help the …teachers’ unions.

Super Bowl special: The uncomfortable love affair between Donald Trump and the New England Patriots (or why so many Democrats are rooting for the Falcons). Via The New York Times Magazine.

Photo by Takver via Flickr: Creative Commons