Wiretap: Trump’s ‘disheartening’ tweets are not the worst of it


The Trump tweets on the judiciary are getting all the headlines, but, as Amy Davidson writes in The New Yorker, Trump’s lies are what will demand the Ninth Circuit judges’ consideration.

Stunningly, the most prominent critic of Trump’s anti-judge rhetoric is Judge Neil Gorsuch, who, of course, is Trump’s nominee for the open seat on the Supreme Court. Gorsuch told a senator that Trump’s words were “disheartening” and “demoralizing.” Via The Los Angeles Times.

If only Elizabeth Warren had smiled a little more or talked a little less or been, you know, a little less persistent, she wouldn’t have had her microphone taken away, only to have been replaced by a megaphone. Via The Atlantic.

What was Mitch McConnell thinking (and should he have thought maybe a little bit harder)? Via Politico.

Trump vs. Nordstrom? Yes, it’s actually a thing. Nordstrom drops Ivanka Trump’s brand and suddenly it’s being called an attack on the Trump family. Via The Washington Post.

George Will: Trump tweeted a red line for North Korea. Now everyone, maybe including Trump, has to wonder what he would do if North Korea crosses it. Via The Washington Post.

Two Republican senators make entirely opposite cases for how to define Trump’s foreign policy. The strange is, they might both be right. From Vox.

From The National Review: The right is having a major problem in trying to defend Trump. It’s not his policies so much. It’s his behavior.

Republicans seem to have lost the plot on repealing and/or replacing Obamacare. So far, they haven’t done either. And so far, they don’t have a plan as to how to do it or when to do it. Via The New York Times.

Here’s how Republicans could rescue themselves on Obamacare: Paul Ryan should propose something like what he proposes on Medicare. Promise that no one currently using Obamacare will be affected for 10 years and then bring in the changes. Via The New Republic.

The only viable opponent to Vladimir Putin was just barred from the race. No tweet yet from President Trump. Via The New York Times.


Photo by Esther Vargas for Creative Commons on Flickr.