News Poetry: Me Too

Me Too

If you want to know

        rage rags on women

        like menstrual blues

Sit down here and I’ll

        wash your face, little man,

        tell you how something Nin-

Ja opens vulva,

        blood rush tickle

        A willingness opens

A bearing down to

        a core with no name

        with no shame

You will think you know

        what’s what, that

        it’s you doing it to her

Let me wipe the sleep

        from your eyes

        with this tough rag.

Sit on the toilet,

        the one that men have

        pissed in like they were

Just pissing in me

        just doing their thing

        Not spit, not sperm not

The powerful egg

        that drops into its

        hollow reed with the moon.


Photo credit: pwjamro, Creative Commons, Flickr 


  1. it’s unfortunate this site isn’t moderated for inappropriate responses, because Jackie St. Joan is a brilliant writer, and she wipes our faces with a powerful rag

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