News Poetry: Waxing

Everyone’s cranky. The bees
are cross though they don’t know the president,
though they take a dim view
of outsiders to their hives, though they guard
sweet wealth with their tiny
gallant lives. They vibrate
in the hive entrances, cooling,
cooling with their whirring wings.

Human news buzzes with fresh rumor
of wickedness and war, betrayals
of decency or loyalty, stinging
vituperation, cries of pain
disdained or shared. Things
are getting hotter, and it seems
no core of sweetness can be left.


Photo credit: Shannon Kringen, Flickr
Multi Media Artist Shannon Kringen grew up in San Diego California
and Whidbey Island Washington.
Mary Ann Dimand is an economist, a pastor, and is developing a tiny organic farms. She lives in Arvada, Colorado.


  1. Isn’t it somethin’ that any beehive is more civilized than any of man’s nations….especially the United Fascist States of Amerika?

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