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Centrist Sen. Michael Bennet faces ‘uphill battle’ in potential 2020 White...

Sen. Michael Bennet was on a swing through Iowa last week, shaking hands with Democratic voters and testing out talking points he might use...

Republicans and Democrats celebrate Colorado early voter stats

Early-voter tallies released by the Colorado secretary of state today list registered Republicans in the state leading the pack. Of the more than 626,000 ballots so far collected here, Republicans have turned in 39.0 percent, Democrats 36.1 percent and unaffiliated voters 23.0 percent.

Romanoff paints Colorado caucus win as endorsement for populist candidacy

DENVER-- Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff reveled in his caucus victory during a press conference Wednesday morning. He called it a populist victory that sent a message to Washington and Wall Street and he leveled a new round of attacks on primary opponent U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

Hot-button immigration issues mostly a 2010 campaign distraction

While serious discussion of immigration policy reform has been generally avoided for the past year, the politics of immigration have weaved their way through the health care debate as a pet topic on the right, spurring some of the most heated exchanges in blog comment threads, at town hall meetings and, of course, in a joint session of Congress in September, when South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson broke U.S. House decorum by shouting out "you lie" and waving a finger at President Obama for denying that national health care legislation would provide free coverage for illegal immigrants.
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