Highland Bridge Opening Soon.

Denver’s 16th Street Mall will soon cross one of the invisible boundaries of segregated Denver: I-25.  Once confined to downtown, a series of pedestrian walkways and two bridges, the Millenium Bridge and the South Platte Bridge have already extended the popular pedestrian mall to the South Platte neighborhood.  Now, the Highland Bridge over I-25 will allow pedestrians to walk from Northwest Denver all the way into downtown without having to compete with cars.The design is a 325 foot modern white steel arch.  And, its potential to add civic character to the Northwest Denver is so great, that it inspired the usually snarky Westword editorial comic “Worst Case Scenario” to offer a reasonably serious constructive proposal for extending the 16th Street mall complete with city planner speak like “Recommended Multiuse Building.”

An overhead view of the construction site and recent construction pictures are available here.