Soft on Crime, Tough on Crime

Republicans are trying to paint Democrat Bill Ritter as “soft on crime”.  Their ammo: Ritter’s 97% plea rate during his 12 years as Denver’s District Attorney.  The Springs Gazette quotes Alan Philp, executive director of the Trailhead Group, a Republican 527, saying exactly this.

The very same day, Bill Ritter announced the support of bipartisan law enforcement leaders touting his “tough on crime” credentials.Nevermind the GOP misdirection.  As Ritter is quick to point out, Denver County sees 5,500 criminal cases a year, but it’s courtrooms can only handle 200 trials each year.

The real question is whether the “soft” and “tough” talk that dominates elections is making Colorado’s Department of Corrections more efficient and effective.

Judging by the 238% spike in prison population since 1992