CD5: Who

The six Republicans

John Anderson:

Elected El Paso County Sheriff in 1994, Anderson used to be the darling of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition. Soon after his election, he launched a controversial concealed weapons permit program to let people carry their guns of choice tucked safely out of site. Colorado law has always allowed people to brandish their firearms in plain view. But when Anderson installed his concealed-carry program, at least one state lawmaker was relieved. As then-State Sen. MaryAnne Tebedo, pointed out, strapping on a firearm “just isn’t fashionable.”

Out of public office for three years, Anderson’s now the homeland security expert at Lockheed Martin, the nation’s largest aerospace defense contractor. Though Anderson was the first to announce his candidacy, the gun guys, who have backed Jeff Crank, seem to have forgotten all about him.

Anderson has raised the least amount of campaign cash of any candidate  – $28,952 from 38 individual donors. He has received no cash from Political Action committees, and as of July 26 reported $7,680 cash on hand.

His more prominent contributors include:

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