Traylor a “RINO”, Owens Should “Butt Out”

Many of the right-wing blogs in Colorado have been campaign against Kiki Traylor in today’s Senate District 22 primary, claiming she is a “RINO”.

RINO stands for “Republican In Name Only”, and is a term used by extreme conservatives to describe the more moderate factions of their party.

Other things that have irked the right-wing bloggers are Gov. Owens’ primary endorsement of Traylor in a competitive primary.  For example, Mt. Virtus had the following to say:

What is a sitting Republican governor doing endorsing a candidate in a competitive primary? Or more specifically, what is he doing endorsing the least conservative (by far) of the candidates in a three-way race for a safe Republican seat? The anticipated answer is that only the conservative wing of the GOP can be divisive […]

None of the three candidates (Traylor, Mike Kopp, and Justin Everett) has ever won an election, though Traylor was appointed by a hand-selected insider committee of so-called “moderates” to fill the seat from Senate District 22 when the decidedly unconservative Norma Anderson stepped down in January. When it came to the gathering of the party faithful at the county assembly, Traylor couldn’t even win enough votes from delegates to get on the ballot! She was forced to petition on, but it must be nice to have the governor intervene on your behalf against fellow Republicans.

The blog ToTheRight also gets in on the action, highlighting Tom Tancredo’s endorsement of Mike Kopp in the Senate District 22 primary.  Here are the words Tancredo is said to have used in his endorsement:

My endorsement of Mike Kopp reflects my deep concern that his appointed opponent is supported by liberal groups such as the Colorado Trial Lawyers, teachers unions, Democrat activists like Mike Feeley and other enemies of conservatives. I urge your vote for Mike Kopp as SD-22 senator.

Funny how when Owens defends Traylor, the right-wing blogs tell him to butt out.  But when Tom Tancredo endorses the candidate they want–they’re all smiles.

ToTheRight also posted primary endorsements.  Here’s what they had to say about Senate District 22:

Senate District 22: Mike Kopp

Or Justin Everett for that matter. The fact is conservatives in SD-22 have two good choices and one terrible choice: Kiki Traylor. As long as Kiki Traylor isn’t the nominee, we’re happy.

We’ll know the winner later tonight.