Last Day To Count Votes

Today is the last day to count provisional ballots in Colorado.  From tomorrow until December 1, 2006, all that happens in the official tabulation of election results is adding up county and state totals.In Denver, all ballots, except provisional ballots have been counted.  The latest information on the number of votes cast in Denver by each method was as follows (percentages of are active registered voters):

Vote Center 68,023 (24.84%)
Early Voting 25,029 (9.14%)
Absentee 64,730 (23.62%)
Prov Category 2,170 (0.79%)
Emergency Category 123 (0.04%)

Total 160,075 (58.45%)

Local election officials must transmit reseults to the Secretarty of State by November 27, 2006, and must certify the results (and order recounts in state races if necessary) by December 1, 2006. 

Colorado Secretrary of State Gigi Dennis has chosen not to make any preliminary results available through her office until the December 1, 2006 deadline.