Hush, Hush and On the QT: Rove Has Welched on a Wager

    A couple of months ago, Hush, Hush reported Karl Rove owed Rifle-ite Kim Phillips five bucks.

    In Aspen last summer, Kim ran into Rove and he staked $5.00 that the Democrats would fail to take the Congress and the Senate. She took him on.

    Obviously, he lost the wager.

    But Kim hasn’t seen her money. So far, Rove hasn’t coughed up the dough.i>
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    On March 2nd, Rove is coming into the Metro Area to participate in Colorado Republican activities…will there be an opportunity for Ms. Phillips to get her IOU paid?????

    Tune in folks; you’ll be the first to know. Just like in the Libby Trial,  the information will be strictly “Hush, Hush” and “On the QT.”

    Photo: Kim Phillips and the “Prince of Darkness”