Paul Cameron’s Pseudo Science

Paul Cameron may be a dinosaur. But as exhibited during the recent debate over Colorado’s second-parent adoption bill – which allows gays and others to adopt children – the chairman of the Colorado Springs-based Family Research Institute is still stomping around, brandishing his long-debunked “scientific research.” 

Through the years Cameron has claimed that gay people die far younger than straight people, are disease-ridden, drive drunk, shoplift, are murderers, eat feces, use gerbils for sex fun and urinate on one another.

His research has been thoroughly dismissed by legitimate scientists – yet has influenced public policy in Colorado, dating back to at least 1992, during the Amendment 2 campaign to deny gays and lesbians protected status.
  Earlier this month Cameron showed up to oppose House Bill 1330. Before a state Senate committee, he claimed that studies in Denmark and Norway show that married lesbians live to an average age of 56 and married gay men to an average age of 52.  (In the past, Cameron has claimed that gay men die at early ages –

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