GOP Chair Warns Against ‘Dishonest Attacks’

The day that Republican Jeff Crank announced his intention to go round two with freshman Rep. Doug Lamborn in Colorado’s conservative 5th Congressional District, the chairman El Paso County’s GOP issued a letter to voters in the district’s five counties urging all candidates to play fair — and warning against the “divisive, dishonest attacks” of the past.

“Our party will no longer tolerate false or misleading statements or innuendos,” wrote Greg Garcia in the letter, which was actually dated Aug. 15 – a full week after it was actually sent. “We will work vigorously to encourage all the candidates in a primary to hold themselves, their direct, and their indirect supporters accountable to a high standard of integrity.”

Garcia, who was elected county chairman in January, endorsed Crank when he ran against Lamborn in a bruising six-way primary last year. During the campaign, Lamborn’s supporters accused Crank of being a tax-loving supporter of the “radical homosexual lobby” –