Hey Colbert! Check Out Doug Lamborn’s Mob Moment!

We knew it was only a matter of time before Colorado’s newest congressman, Doug Lamborn, hit the big time. But who know it would be over a pair of menacing phone calls to a couple in his district, warning that there would be “consequences” for their letter to the editor criticizing Lamborn for taking gambling money and voting against harsher penalties for dog fighting?

Though Lamborn’s hometown daily newspaper, the conservative Colorado Springs Gazette has yet to extensively cover the Republican lawmaker’s Mob Moment, the story has spread like wildfire (for just a sampling, check out DailyKos here, and Huffington Post here and Crooks & Liars here and CBS News here).

Perhaps Stephen Colbert will finally realize what a prize he has in Lamborn — and will follow up on our six month-long crusade to convince the comedian that Lamborn is indeed ready for prime time.

Keep reading.Here are just a few reasons why Lamborn would be a smash hit:

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