BREAKING: Obama-Richardson Making Deals for Iowa Caucus-Goers

From our sister site, Iowa Independent:

It seems that the under-the-radar caucus night deal-making first reported by Iowa Independent last night may be even more complicated than once thought, according to additional reports from sources on the ground across the state.

Two well-placed sources told Iowa Independent last night that Gov. Bill Richardson’s campaign plans to direct their supporters to Sen. Barack Obama in precincts where their candidate does not reach the 15% threshold for viability.

Today, more sources have come forward to tell Iowa Independent that some supporters of Sen. Barack Obama have been directed to swing delegates to Gov. Bill Richardson in certain counties and precincts. Sources confirm that in at least three counties, Obama campaign field organizers have told their supporters to drive support to Richardson. The three confirmed counties are all likely Obama strongholds, and each county will assign a relatively high number of delegates tonight. We have decided not to list the counties by name to protect sources’ anonymity.

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