Fitz-Gerald Takes Early Delegate Lead

Former State Senate President wins first two county assemblies.Only two days after the Oscars, the first delegates from the CD-2 Democratic congressional race have been awarded. In the assemblies from Eagle and Summit counties, Joan Fitz-Gerald collected a total of 52 delegates, while Jared Polis got 31.

In Eagle County the voting was 63 for Fitz-Gerald and 62 for Polis, apportioning the 46 delegates to the state nominating conventions at 23 each. Those assembled in Summit County voted 56 for Fitz-Gerald to 17 for Polis, giving the former a margin of 29 delegates to 9.

The mountain counties have been generally considered to be Fitz-Gerald territory, so Polis can be said to have made a strong showing in Eagle County. The third candidate in the race, Will Shafroth, is circulating petitions to get on the primary ballot. He didn’t campaign very hard in the caucuses.

In order to qualify for the primary ballot via the caucus route, a candidate must get 30 percent of the delegate count, a level neither Fitz-Gerald nor Polis should have any trouble reaching.

The next caucuses are scheduled for Saturday in Broomfield at 10 a.m at Legacy High School in Clear Creek County at 2 p.m. at United Church.

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