Jay Marvin vowed to move beyond Udall — and he has

Everyone, it seems, is atwitter over Denver radio talk show host Jay Marvin’s rant on U.S. Sen.-elect Mark Udall, who apparently slighted not only Marvin but his wife, Mary, and is a “cold removed man.” But Marvin is way past all that — after removing the Udall-bashing post that he published on Dec. 5, Marvin opined that it is time to move on — and move on he has. Sen. John Kyl of Arizona, who allegedly is “so full of shit it will make your head spin,” is officially Marvin’s new punching bag.

The Marvin scandal started when the colorful AM 760 radio yakker posted a very descriptive blog about Udall last Friday. He called it “The Trouble With Udall,” and included campaign war stories that, suffice it to say, were extremely unflattering.

Marvin subsequently removed the post, but it was captured and reposted on another blog, CompleteColorado.com, and gossip over the whole kerfuffle quickly made the rounds.

Marvin offered up this “explanation” in a subsequent blog post:

“It seems people are making a big deal over the fact I yanked the post about Udall down. Why on earth did I do it, people have been asking me in email and on other blogs.

Because I said what I had to say, and because who really cares how the Senator-elect treated my wife Mary and myself?

The only things that’s going to count is how Udall votes.

One last thing: no one made me take the post down — I took it down. We have a lot of problems in this country. Time to move forward, time to band together and get these things fixed. January 20th can’t come soon enough for me and for you.”

And move on he has. Today Marvin posted a new thought, titled “This Man Sucks.” And which man is that? Republican Sen. Kyl of Arizona, who wrote a commentary piece in the National Ledger this week that criticized the Fairness Doctrine, which mandates that broadcast outlets provide balanced programming, and called it “anything but fair.”

Marvin’s indelicate response? “This Senator is so full of shit it will make your head spin. What’s wrong Senator? Scared jaw flappers on the right can’t defend themselves?”

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