McInnis read ‘tribute’ to Bartleson into Congressional Record in 2003

Child sex assault suspect Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, the former manager of Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign office in Pueblo, was praised in the Congressional Record in 2003 by former Rep. Scott McInnis, who represented Pueblo before leaving the House of Representatives in 2004.

On a page filled with tributes to constituents — a common practice for any member of Congress — the Glenwood Springs Republican salutes Bartleson’s work as a foster parent and his role founding the Interfaith Hospitality Network, “one of Pueblo’s newest self-help organizations.”

Police allege Bartleson won the trust of youngsters he would later molest through his work with various organizations and church groups and at a hospital chemical dependency unit. Court documents state that Bartleson has been investigated on molestation charges dating back more than 25 years, though he wasn’t charged with crimes until last week. Bartleson is being held in the Pueblo County Jail on two counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in position of trust in lieu of $300,00 bond.

The McInnis tribute:



Mr. McINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with great pride that I rise before this body of Congress to pay tribute to Jeff Bartleson of Pueblo, Colorado, who has faithfully and unselfishly served the needs of Coloradans for many years. Jeff has contributed to the quality of life in Colorado in many significant ways and I am proud to highlight his accomplishments before this body of Congress.

Throughout his life, Jeff has exhibited the virtues of compassion, self-determination, self-sacrifice, and hard work that have made this country great. In his capacity as a foster parent, Jeff has helped several youth in the region through his work with the Young Life Association and the El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch. His service and dedication to the needs of his community have increased progressively over time. He has been instrumental in the foundation and development of the Interfaith Hospitality Network, one of Pueblo’s newest self-help organizations, and he is currently serving as the second president of its board.

Mr. Speaker, I am deeply honored to pay tribute to Jeff Bartleson for the various ways in which he has brought strength and joy to the people of Colorado. Despite his achievements, Jeff has remained humble and continued with his selfless work. For this great work on behalf of the citizens of Colorado, I commend him before this body of Congress and this nation. Jeff, all the best to you now and in the future.

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