Rocky Mountain Independent, day three: Of prices and prizes

The interface is clean and user friendly. The features still deadly undaring. The most interesting product on offer may be the RMI contributor-journals. For example, there’s a mystifying one by John Moore teased as: “Twitter and the Nobel Peace Price.” That’s right: “Price,” which makes the story kind of intriguing. Alas, it seems to be a typo on the new publication’s front page. Can’t say for sure, however, because you can’t get to the story on the “Peace Price” without paying a (subscription) price to the site. Given what we’ve seen so far, though, it would be better if we could sample this new product before deciding on whether we want to pay for it.

RMI's "Peace Price"
The evidence

Good news is that editor and co-founder Cindy House responded to the groans of readers and got someone to put links into the features. Her announcement of that fact in the comment thread, however, doesn’t exactly boost confidence in the captains of this web vessel:

RMI_House: OK folks, links to external sources have been added to Jeremy Pelzer’s story on Colorado Republicans. Thank you to everyone who pointed out that we need to be more aware with such things.

The tag cloud is also expressive: the term “Colorado Rockies” is three times the size of any other topic covered by the site. So it’s sports heavy for now.

That’s Day Three.

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