Boyles vs. Huttner: More snippets from talk radio’s endless birther discussion

Michael Huttner of progressive advocacy group Progress Now appeared on Peter Boyles’s right-wing talk radio show Friday to discuss a competition sponsored by Progress Now to discover the top “50 ways you can help Obama.” The winner will receive a trip for two to Honolulu, Hawaii, for “a private tour of the hospital where President Obama was born, followed by an opportunity to take part in a community project there on January 18, 2010, MLK Day of Service.”

Boyles said the President’ birthplace has yet to be established for the record.

Huttner said the issue a waste of time and said he didn’t want to “feed into the conspiracy theory.”

And there you have it: Two men talking about where the president of the United States was or was not born. In talk radio-land that’s a show.

Huttner: “The head of, the curator for Hawaiian records has verified [the birth]. It was verified in the papers.”

Boyles: “No it wasn’t. That is not true. Give me the chance to educate you.”

Tune in every week for the next eight years for more of the same.

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