Video: Tancredo says U.S. last hope of western world

DENVER – Former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo on Saturday said the United States is the last hope for the western world after the fall of Europe to “Islamization.”

“Why is it so important, why does everyone have to explain the importance of having other people come to keep aspects of their culture but attack our desire to retain our own?” Tancredo asked the audience at the Conservative Western Summit.

Tancredo (see video below) was among a slew of conservative guest speakers, including U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., journalist Michelle Malkin and other talk-radio regulars addressing a crowded hotel ballroom at the event hosted by the Centennial Institute and 710 KNUS.

“We are the last hope of the western world, this country. Europe has been Islamisized,” Tancredo told the audience, which went on to laud Geert Wilders, the head of the Party for Freedom, an anti-Islamic group that looks to stop Islamic immigration. Wilders ran on a platform of banning new mosques and the Koran, according to the Telegraph

Noting that Wilders is on trial in the Netherlands for hate speech, Tancredo said “this cult of multiculturalism has us by the throat.”

Tancredo pleaded for the country to fight against U.S. Balkanization by ensuring English is the predominate language. He said it was one way of keeping a nation of many backgrounds and nationalities together.

During his speech, Tancredo commented that when asking students at a Colorado elementary school if they liked their school, they said they “love it,” but when asked what they thought of the country, the room went into dead silence. He said they had never been taught what to love.

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