Wiretap: It couldn’t just disappear; it did disappear

Lost: What could possibly have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Planes can’t simply disappear in 2014. The Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach writes: “Scenarios abound. Did the plane disintegrate at 35,000 feet from a mechanical failure and sudden decompression? Did the pilot commit suicide by flying it straight down into the sea? Did terrorists blow it up? Did a passenger plant a bomb so that his family would collect life insurance? Was the plane shot down by a jumpy military? Could it have crash-landed in a jungle somewhere, where the passengers are now fighting to survive?”

They’re searching East and West – literally. Malaysian officials offer differing accounts as to which way the plane might have gone. Via the Washington Post.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Intelligence Committee chair and longtime CIA defender, publicly accuses the CIA of spying on the Senate in order to hide its treatment of prisoners. We’ve seen this movie before – but usually only in the movies. Via the New York Times.

Environmental groups in the San Luis Valley are suing to protect an aquifer they call “the lifeblood” of the valley. The suit alleges proposed drilling for oil and gas on federal land south of Del Norte endangers 7,000 water wells in the valley. The groups are asking a judge to overturn the federal Bureau of Land Management’s approval of the drilling by a Texas oil company. Via the Pueblo Chieftain.

Another leak at the plagued Cotter Uranium mill: “The water contained 2,840 micrograms per liter of uranium and 3,740 micrograms per liter of molybdenum. The groundwater standard in Colorado for uranium is 30 micrograms per liter and for molybdenum is 100 micrograms per liter.” The Pueblo Chieftain.

County commissioners green-light plan to allow visitors to carry guns in El Paso parkland. Via the Colorado Springs Gazette.

How to get men into the pews: Colbert on Kentucky pastor’s 25-gun giveaway.

Maureen Dowd on Feinstein and the CIA, sticking with the movie theme: The spy who didn’t love her. Via the New York Times.

Obama’s poll numbers may be down, but his comedy numbers are up. Is is too undignified for a president to appear on “Between the Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis? What if it actually gets young people to sign on to Obamacare?

A new NBC polls has lots of bad news for Obama, meaning reasonably good news for the Republicans in the midterms. Obama sits a record-low 41 percent. The good news for Democrats: Republican approval is a much lower 27 percent. Via NBC.

Cory Gardner has national Republicans so excited about Colorado that they’re sending in the troops. Via Fox31 News.

Remember when they used to try to scare you with talk of your permanent record? Well, it seems that the record is getting more permanent – and therefore scarier — every day. Via the Atlantic.