Udall Jamestown flood ad: The last of the non-attack ads?

U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s reelection campaign released an ad Tuesday centered on flood relief and recovery efforts he championed in the wake of the historic rains that covered northern Colorado last September, nearly washing away some of the region’s tiny mountain towns.

The ad features Tara Schoedinger, the mayor of Jamestown, a scenic foothills hamlet with 270 residents built 12 miles northwest of Bouder along Little James Creek.

“Mark Udall came up as if he were a member of our community,” Schoedinger says, memories of the flood clearly still fresh in her mind. “[He] made sure that we didn’t get forgotten, made sure that we had the support that we need in order to rebuild our community and bring our community members home.”

In a Udall campaign release that announced the ad, Schoedinger is quoted to say that Udall “successfully fought to secure over $770 million to support flood victims across the state.”

Udall, of course, wasn’t working alone in Washington for the flood victims. His campaign rival this year, Republican Congressman Cory Gardner, like other members of the Colorado delegation, likewise voted for emergency increases in federal aid to residents of the region. He also introduced a bill to extend tax filing deadlines so Coloradans could be sure to claim losses related to the floods.

Udall has attacked Gardner in previous ads underlining the difference between Gardner’s hardline anti-abortion voting record and his equivocal statements this year on the topic of outlawing abortion, noted by most political observers as an audacious election-year flip-flop. But, hey, the Jamestown ad is a non-attack campaign ad, sure to become the rarest of media species as the days wind down toward November. Enjoy it.


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