Statetap: Lamborn skips SOTU, calls Obama ‘Santa Claus’

The Gazette ran through some Colorado politicians’ reactions to Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night. Here’s a highlight: Conservative Colorado 5th Congressional District Rep. Doug Lamborn, who boycotted the SOTU in 2012, was unimpressed with the speech this year. He likened the president to Santa Claus (Because of government spending, apparently.)

Correction: The original version of this post incorrectly reported that Lamborn had boycotted this year’s speech. The congressman attended the speech. The text above has been altered to reflect that fact.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 4.41.22 PMFour suspects are being charged with the theft of several pieces of Dale Chihuly artwork from the Denver Botanical Gardens this summer. Thornton police announced that they recovered a glass orb and found several glass cattails smashed in a cornfield in Strasburg. Court records show that police identified the suspects based on a tip from confidential informants. Via the Denver Post, photo via Denver District Attorney’s office.

cashMBank, an Oregon-based bank, will be the first financial institution to start doing business with the Colorado marijuana industry. “It’s a bold maneuver and not one for a lot of folks to take on,” president and CEO Jef Baker said Tuesday, “We looked to regulators, both state and federal, to help us come to the conclusion that we can do banking in this sector.” Via the Daily Camera.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission sent a “show cause” letter to Black Hills Colorado Electric. The letter says the company may face a $165,000 fine for charging customers who generate their own electricity with solar panels a $5 monthly meter fee. Around 850 customers could be entitled to refunds totaling more than $45,000. Via the Pueblo Chieftain.


  1. As to the Lamborn mutt: That’s just another example of a typical Teabaghead/Republikkklan politician, and his capability as a Representative in Congress. And it certainly goes to show the complete dedication and devotion of that claque to it’s avowed “mission”, i.e., making certain that President Barack Obama is a “One Term President”.

    One may hope that ignorance might learn better; but there is no cure for stupidity.

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