Wiretap: Insurance for all? Is Trump winning despite terrible polls? Or is it all just a joke?

Donald Trump says his replacement for Obamacare will offer “insurance to everybody” and that “Congress can’t get cold feet.” Is he serious about that? Would Paul Ryan and the Republican Congress go along? Here’s what we know so far: Trump didn’t reveal any details of the plan. Not a single one. Via The Washington Post.

Trump did have a replacement for Obamacare. It was the one he campaigned on. And, according to experts, it would cost 21 million people their health insurance. Via Vox.

The biggest changes Obamacare made and the ones that may not survive its replacement. Via The New York Times.

Many blacks see Trump’s attack on civil rights icon John Lewis as an attack on those who fought to bring civil rights to African Americans. Via The New York Times.

Michael Gerson: Trump’s twitter hit job on Lewis is the essence of narcissism. And a lot of other bad things, too. Via The Washington Post.

Trump gets no honeymoon. What he does get is unprecedented poll numbers, showing him with the lowest approval ratings of any president-elect as measured by Gallup. Via The Washington Post.

Don’t kid yourself, writes Matthew Cooper at Newsweek, Trump is winning. In fact, whatever his poll numbers say, he’s winning bigly.

From The National Review, Cory Booker and Betsy DeVos were once old allies in the school-choice fight. Where will Booker stand on her nomination as Secretary of Education?

Great piece from New Yorker’s Pulitzer-winning TV critic, Emily Nussbaum, on how jokes won the election. How do you fight an enemy who’s just kidding?

Billy Barr: the Rocky Mountain hermit who inadvertently shaped climate-change science. Via The Atlantic.


Photo illustration by KAZ Vorpal via Flickr: Creative Commons