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DNC flashback: Kennedy proclaims ‘a season of hope’ in surprise speech

A year to the day before Sen. Edward Kennedy died, the ailing liberal lion made a surprise appearance at the Democratic National Convention's opening...

Denver drops charges against DNC protester shoved to ground by police

The Denver city attorney's office dropped criminal charges Wednesday morning against a Code Pink demonstrator who was videotaped being slammed to the ground by a baton-wielding Denver Police officer during a protest at the Democratic National Convention, The Denver Post's Howard Pankratz reports. Alicia Forrest, a 22-year-old Arizona resident, faced charges of interfering with police and could have been sentenced to a year in jail, her defense attorney said.

Reports: DNC ‘Temple of Obama’ could’ve been even more outlandish

Remember the columns arrayed behind Barack Obama the night he accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for president at Invesco Field in Denver on Aug. 28? That's right, the classical stage set widely derided by Republicans as the "Temple of Obama," and rather pricklishly defended by Democrats who pointed to a similar set-up behind President Bush when he addressed his convention in 2004. Well, it could have been worse — a lot worse.

Countdown to Election Day in pictures

Join us as we reminisce on this long campaign season beginning with the Colorado Republican Party's state convention to Election Day preparations in Denver.

Behind-the-scenes DNC video captures more innocent time

Step back in time to the distant past of late August. Barely six and a half weeks ago, the Democratic National Convention had just concluded on an historic high note, the polls were tied, and we'd never heard of Troopergate, aerial wolf killing, John McCain was running an honorable campaign and the economy hadn't yet locked up.

Denver police ‘Beat the Crowds’ T-shirt no laughing matter, protesters charge

Protest groups are demanding Denver police halt the sale and disicpline anyone responsible for the creation of a "commemorative" DNC T-shirt distributed to officers featuring a baseball-bat wielding cop and the slogan "WE GET UP EARLY to BEAT the Crowds 2008 DNC."

PepperBall firms merge into giant red hot ammo producer

Two warring riot-gear companies have declared a truce and decided to merge their fire power, according to the Denver Business Journal.

Follow up: Out-of-state soldiers worked Dem convention

Soldiers from as far away as Georgia were stationed in Denver during the Democratic National Convention according to new information released by military officials.

Obama’s excellent Colorado adventure

Obama's coming back to Colorado for at least three different stops on Monday and Tuesday (yup, we’re definitely a swing state folks), but not just for a huge front-range blowout like last time. Instead, Obama will head to the 3rd Congressional District with stops in Pueblo and Grand Junction Monday and then Denver the following day. As the Communications Director for John Salazar's first run for Congress back in 2004, I think these stops are a brilliant move.

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Denver city government gushes over DNC police force

In the wake of the Democratic National Convention, Denver's elected officials have kvelled over the massive police presence at the DNC. Last week, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper delivered laurels to the city's police department for their efforts to quell some protest activities.
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