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Wiretap: Sure, Trump fired the FBI director, but White House says...

The White House says Donald Trump played no role in the early departure of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. And while that may or...

Trump calls education ‘the civil rights issue of our time’ —...

“Education is the civil rights issue of our time,” President Donald Trump said Tuesday night. The line inserted a bit of boilerplate — and bipartisan...

Littwin: Obama maintains hope as threat of Trump looms

Barack Obama used his last State of the Union address to warm Americans about the dangerous rise of Donald Trump. Barack Obama's final State of the...

Wiretap: A rare State of the Union anti-trickle-down tax plan

We already know the big news from tonight's State of the Union speech. Barack Obama will propose to modestly tax the rich in order...

Wiretap: The President played small ball

It was a modest speech, with a modest agenda, and the talk of Obama using executive privilege was way overblown.

The real point of Obama’s speech

The President didn't have much new to offer in his State of the Union address -- in fact, nothing really new -- but he did, it turns out, have a lot to say.

Wiretap: The strange State of the Union

The economy has never been better in Barack Obama's two terms, and yet Obama's approval ratings for his handling of the economy have rarely been lower.

Obama clean energy push draws partisan reaction from Colorado lawmakers

President Obama's call to increase domestic energy production Tuesday received a rosy reception from Colorado's lefty lawmakers but was all but ignored by its conservative congressional delegation who are still smarting from the commander-in-chief's recent blocking of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Tough week for failing ‘frontrunner’ Mitt Romney

President Obama in his State of the Union speech last night laid out the no-brainer case again for deficit reduction through a return to tax code fairness. The speech came hours after multi-millionaire Republican primary frontrunner Mitt Romney released the low-rate, off-shore income tax returns he submitted last year-- returns that among sensible people will devastate Republican trickle-down economics talking points on tax policy and government finances. What else happened to Mitt Romney this week?