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Girl Scouts: Presidential race boosted girls’ political and civic interest

An online survey of more than 3,000 middle- and high schoolers may be the first inkling of the Malia and Sasha factor over the insipid teen celebrity role models gracing the covers of Seventeen and Twist magazines.

PEW credits youth as major factor in Obama win

Our CIM colleague and youth vote expert Mike Connery offers a fascinating look at the youth vote at his blog Future Majority. The verdict from PEW, which is working off of the exit polling data:
Without a doubt, the overwhelming backing of younger voters was a critical factor in Obama's victory, according to an analysis of National Election Pool exit polls that were provided by National Public Radio. Obama drew two-thirds (66%) of the vote among those younger than age 30. This age group was Kerry's strongest four years ago, but he drew a much narrower 54% majority.

Live: 2008 Colorado federal election results

Follow live Colorado election results courtesy of Google on the presidential and congressional races. Check our liveblog threads for the latest on state races and ballot measures.

Liveblog: Colorado election returns for president, Congress, state assembly

Throughout the evening, The Colorado Independent will be tracking election returns across the state for hotly contested races from the the presidency on down.

Countdown to Election Day in pictures

Join us as we reminisce on this long campaign season beginning with the Colorado Republican Party's state convention to Election Day preparations in Denver.

McCain heads to Grand Junction for Election Day rally to shore...

Sen. John McCain is planning a barnstorming Nov. 4 campaign stop in Grand Junction for a last ditch get-out-the-vote push. The surprise airplane hangar rally in this GOP stronghold on the Utah-Colorado border ramps up further speculation that the McCain-Palin camp's internal polling may not be predicting as comfortable a win margin as was once expected on the Western Slope.

Palin defends charge Obama ‘not real crazy about’ national anthem

Appearing at an election-eve rally in Colorado Springs on Monday, Sarah Palin stood up for country singer Hank Wiliams, Jr., after the crooner took a swipe at Barack Obama, saying the Democratic presidential nominee is "not real crazy about" the national anthem.

Poll: Obama leading among Hispanic voters nearly 2-to-1

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is leading nationally among Hispanic voters while Republican John McCain is leading heavily with white evangelicals, according to polling data released Sunday by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan organization.

Obama congratulates McCain for Cheney endorsement, releases ad

Hours after Vice President Dick Cheney said he was “delighted to support John McCain" while campaigning in Wyoming on Saturday, Barack Obama congratulated McCain for the endorsement at a rally in Pueblo, "because he really earned it." The Obama campaign released an ad Sunday morning mocking the endorsement, comparing the vice president's backing of McCain to Warren Buffett and Colin Powell's support for Obama.

Congressional heavyweights pump Markey’s campaign coffers

House Democratic leaders have been working hard on behalf of Democratic challengers, showering them with money and personal attention to expand their majority and to curry favor with future colleagues. In Colorado, Democrats are working hard to help Democrat Betsy Markey defeat U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., perhaps best known outside the state as a prominent proponent of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.
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