Why Howard Dean Is MIA In CO

Democratic National Committee chair and former presidential candidate, Howard Dean has a history with Colorado. After college in the ’70’s, he spent a winter as a “ski bum” in Aspen. As governor of Vermont, Dean came out to do a couple of fundraisers for good friend Rollie Heath’s 2002 gubernatorial race against Bill Owens. Most importantly, Dean’s vigorous 2004 presidential campaign may have fueled a productive Progressive movement in Colorado politics. As DNC chair, Dean has visited the state several times for fundraisers and activities for the Colorado Democratic Party…until recently.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSo where has Howard Dean been this election season in Colorado? Has there been a falling out? Was he asked to stay away from Colorado in fear of stirring up the opposition? Doesn’t he like the Colorado Democrats any more?

The answer is quite simple, explained a Colorado Democratic National Committee person. Since Howard Dean does not want to indicate any preference in the selection of the Democratic National Convention, he has refrained from visiting states applying for the convention.

Convincing Dean that the Western Slope might as well be another state has not been successful.

Photo: Howard Dean

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