Colorado’s Delegation Split on War Escalation

Think Progress today posted an interactive chart to track members of Congress and their support of or opposition to escalation of the Iraq War as outlined in a speech by President Bush last week.

As expected, opinions split down party lines with the exception of Rep. Tom Tancredo who joined the Democrats in opposition to the “surge”.  Wayne Allard (R, CO) SUPPORT
“I am supportive of this new strategy because it contains a much stronger commitment from Iraqis, in terms of their share of force strength and their financial share of the costs of the war, and includes new thresholds for the Iraqis to meet.”
[Cherry Creek News quote]

Diana DeGette (D, CO-1) OPPOSE
“Once again, President Bush is sending us in the wrong direction on Iraq. Instead of announcing a specific plan on how we are going to get out of the Iraq quagmire, he is escalating troop levels and deepening our commitment.”
[Press Statement]

Doug Lamborn (R, CO-5) SUPPORT
“As Iraq remains the central front in the global war on terror, success remains the only option. The President’s plan addresses the stability, security, and economic problems plaguing Baghdad and other areas in Iraq.”
[Press Statement]

Marilyn Musgrave (R, CO-4) SUPPORT
“While I am mindful of the enormous challenges faced by the president, I’m disappointed and don’t want this war prolonged needlessly,’ said Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo. ‘We must see noticeable results from this new push in the coming months, not years.”
[Denver Post quote]

John Salazar (D, CO-3) OPPOSE
“Democratic Rep. John Salazar of Manassa said, ‘The president’s request (for additional troops) is four years too late and 100,000 troops short.'”
[Denver Post quote]

Ken Salazar (D, CO) OPPOSE
“Escalating our involvement with an increase in the number of troops in Iraq will further strain our own military and reduce our ability to fight a global war on terror.”
[Fox 31 quote]

Tom Tancredo (R, CO-6) OPPOSE
“The bigger question raised by the President, however, is whether an increased American military presence in Iraq will aid us in winning the global war against radical Islam – and I am not convinced that it will.”
[Press Statement]

Mark Udall (D, CO-2) OPPOSE
“I think President Bush is on the wrong track in calling for an escalation of military force in the Iraq war.”
[Fox 31 quote]

The current Congressional tally thus far: