Cash In on the Democratic Convention

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIf you are a business owner in Colorado and you’re not checking the Democratic National Convention/Denver Convention Host Committee website for Requests for Proposals, you could be losing an opportunity to make a chunk of change.

It’s true that some of the contracts are for services that may go beyond the capabilities of some small businesses, but successful bidders may be looking for subcontractors to fulfill some of those needs. Please read on….Some of the RFP’s have already come and gone such as for the official DNCC vehicle provider, furniture supplier, credentialing and security managers and for insurance procurement.

Upcoming RFP’s include bidding to become the DNCC’s official merchandising vendor and another for the DNCC’s exposition provider.

Here are some of the items the merchandising vendor must provide and those products can’t include a “Made in China” imprint:

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Proposal for design, manufacture, and sell novelty or souvenir merchandise authorized by the DNCC.

Novelty or souvenir merchandise includes, but is not limited to, clothing, caps, buttons, magnets, jewelry items, key chains, towels, wrist watches, writing instruments, golf products, umbrellas, rain ponchos, dinnerware (including drinkware), desk accessories, gift ware, mouse pads and other computer related accessories including screensavers, lanyards and credential holders, bags, and official posters (collectively, “Souvenir Merchandise”).

All Souvenir Merchandise, packaging, advertising, and materials used for or in connection with the sale of the Souvenir Merchandise shall be manufactured, prepared, or produced in the United States by union labor.

All such products must be union printed and must be imprinted with the union bug.

As the exposition vendor, the DNCC notes that media organizations will be the main customer, so charge for services accordingly. And you better have a lot of porta-potties on hand.

Scope of work for the exposition vendor includes “coordinating with designated telecommunications providers for wiring paths and phone drops and being responsible for presentations to the media organizations at designated informational meetings and walkthroughs.”

Plus, the vendor must provide “appropriate cleaning services and general trash pickup in conjunction with current vendors under contract with the Pepsi Center and coordinate toilet rental, placement and upkeep for assigned outdoor spaces.”

Here’s a little side note of interest concerning media relations:

The Exposition Vendor should be aware that the Democratic National Convention is not a typical trade show and will be under intense media scrutiny, often by the same media organizations that are its primary customers. It will be important for the Exposition Vendor to be sensitive to how its pricing for services might be viewed and to be flexible in developing its presentation material.

There is the expectation that the DNCC costs for services provided by the Exposition Vendor will be provided at a favored rate, including flexibility with deadlines.

It is interesting the Democrats have asked the exposition vendor to have “flexibility with deadlines” for working with the media, a profession which supposidly lives by deadlines. 

The Democratic Convention will be held in Denver Aug. 25-28, 2008.