Anti-abortion activist distributes “Real Solutions to the ‘Negro Problem'” tract at DNC

“Racist” fliers authored by notorious anti-abortion activist Randall Terry littered cars parked at Elitch Gardens Saturday night where a DNC media party was taking place.

The brochure touts a fake “Candidate Smith” proposing “real solutions for the ‘Negro problem'” as a shocking metaphor for Christian voters who support pro-choice but otherwise conservative political candidates.

The Colorado Independent reported on the schism developing between Terry, the founder and former leader of Operation Rescue and Troy Newman, who is spearheading Operation Rescue West, a new organization established after Terry left the group.

A favorite tactic of the anti-abortion movement is to equate their struggle with the Dred Scott decision to deny civil rights to African Americans. Advocates of proposed Amendment 48, which seeks to confer due process rights on fertilized human eggs in Colorado, have also conflated slavery and abortion.