Hickenlooper robocall: “I really hate robocalls…”

There are good robocalls and there are bad robocalls. And then there are robocalls that pretend not to be robocalls.

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper recently deployed the latter type to weigh in on four ballot measures. “I really hate robocalls, but…” said Hickenlooper in the message, and then went on to espouse his views.

In the call, Hick advocates a “yes” on measure 3A, a Denver bond package that will increase taxes by $5 a year for every $100,00 of residential property value. He says “no” to Amendment 47, the so-called right-to-Work initiative that will make it harder to unionize; “no” to Amendment 49, another anti-union measure that prohibits union payroll deductions for public employees; a “no” on Amendment 52, which will divert severance taxes to pay for highways, and a “no” on 54, yet another anti-union proposal that bars labor unions from making campaign contributions.

Hickenlooper has also publicly denounced Amendment 46, the anti-affirmative action initiative.

The Denver Post has a full list of Hickenlooper’s nays and yeas here.

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