Operation Rescue seeking abortion ‘Truth Truck’ drivers

How much are you suffering from recession blues? Enough to take a job driving the Operation Rescue “Truth Truck,” a paneled vehicle covered with billboard-sized posters of aborted fetuses? Qualified candidates will be asked to pilot the vehicles through the districts of conservative Blue Dog Democrats as part of a campaign urging them to vote no on any health-care bill that pays for abortions. The ad says all expenses paid. Does that include get outta jail bail money and legal fees?

In 2007 in Atlanta one of Operation Rescue’s Truth Trucks was seized by police as “vulgar and obscene.” Driver Bob Roethlisberger was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

truth truck

Gwinnett County Police Department officers arrested Roethlisberger Saturday after telling him that signage on the Truth Truck was “vulgar and obscene.” Officers ransacked the back of the Truth Truck without a warrant and ordered Roethlisberger to change or remove the signs. When he refused, he was arrested and incarcerated for three days before being released on $1,000 bond.

But that was 2007. The Great Recession has arrived and so has socialized medicine. So take the job and win the opportunity to travel through the heartland in style! Here’s the Operation Rescue ad:

Truth Truck Drivers Needed Now In Four States
January 5, 2010

Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue is seeking qualified drivers for immediate campaigns in Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma.

We are looking for responsible individuals with excellent driving records who can drive large paneled trucks featuring graphic images of aborted babies in any of these four states. All expenses will be paid.

The campaign will be conducted in conjunction with the Center for Bioethical Reform and will focus on selected “Blue Dog” Democratic members of the House of Representatives in their home districts urging them not to compromise on taxpayer funded abortion in the looming health care bill. The billboard-sized messages on the trucks will encourage residents to contact their Congressmen with the message, “Abortion is not healthcare,” and urge them to oppose legislation that contains even indirect funding for abortions.

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