Lunchtime links: Tancredo on Obama, Kenya, Arizona

* Tom “Tank” Tancredo tells South Carolina to ship Obama back to Kenya. He’s also thinking of writing a Colorado ballot initiative for November that would match the tough maybe unconstitutional police-state like immigration-enforcement laws being considered in Arizona.

* The Tea Party is split between libertarians and social conservatives. Not the same thing at all.

* Giuliani: GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul is part of the “blame America first crowd.”

* Surprise: A Tea Party-pandering GOP gubernatorial candidate said something offensive and over the top. New Hampshire’s Jack Kimball compared paying taxes to being raped. The man has never been raped.

* Some industries are getting ready to capitalize on global warming, but most are unprepared.

* In other “global warming” news: Views of the United States around the world have warmed considerably in the Obama era.

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