WATCH: McInnis, Maes, Buck light up GOP state delegates

At the state assembly in Loveland Saturday, the three top Republican candidates in the state gave short speeches blasting government spending and politics as usual. Gubernatorial candidates Scott McInnis and Dan Maes nearly split the delegate voting, with Evergreen businessman Maes coming out ahead. U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck demolished the opponents who participated in the assembly and also notched an indirect win against his main opponent, former Lt. Governor Jane Norton, who lost to Buck in the March straw poll caucus voting, where delegates to the assembly were chosen. Norton decided not to participate in the state assembly as a result. She is petitioning directly to voters to appear on the primary ballot in August.

The crowd responded intensely to Buck’s anti-Washington speech.

Maes’s victory in Loveland gives his candidacy new legitimacy against six-term Congressman McInnis. Buck won another victory later Saturday when Sarah Palin speaking in Denver conspicuously chose not to endorse Norton in the Senate race.

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