Democrats overtake Republicans by a few hundred votes in early Colorado ballot returns. 257,874 ballots cast so far.

This story is from Oct. 24, and is about the second data set of ballot returns. The following day, on Oct. 25, the numbers had changed. Republicans overtook Democrats by 2,222 votes out of 367,927 votes cast. You can read that story here

Colorado Democrats have turned in 91,580 ballots — 390 more than Republicans — since voters received them in the mail last week, according to data released today by the Secretary of State.

Voters so far have returned 257,874 ballots for the midterms, a small sample that is unlikely to be predictive of voting trends. Colorado’s 3,282,947 active voters received ballots last week. Election Day is Nov. 6.

Yesterday, the first day the Secretary of State released numbers, Republicans carried the lead by 2,245 votes.

The GOP total today came to 91,190. Unaffiliated ballots numbered 72,154. Of the third parties on the ballot, 1,895 Libertarians have voted versus 522 Greens. The Unity Party, a new third party, snared 43 votes so far.

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Voters between the ages of 41 and 60 voted more than any other age group so far — to the tune of 74,410 votes. Meanwhile, only 30,979 voters between the ages of 18 and 25 have already turned in their ballots. Men have out-voted women, 130,394 to 126,005.

Colorado Democrats last month doubled Republicans in voter registration, picking up 14,029 active voters while Republicans gained 6,411.

In Arapahoe County, 35,807 people have voted. In Jefferson County, 35,404 people have cast their ballots, followed by El Paso County with 32,596. In Boulder County, 22,278 people have voted, versus 20,394 in Denver. In Adams County, 13,791 people turned in ballots. In that county, 60,000 ballots got stuck on a truck and hadn’t yet reached voters by early this week.

Early voting turnout is near the middle of where it was in 2014 and 2016, according to data from the Secretary of State. Nine days after ballots were mailed in 2014, voters had sent in 204,480 ballots, records show, with Republicans leading Democrats by 26,283 votes. In 2016, voters had cast 286,639 ballots by the ninth day after ballots hit the mail, and Democrats led the early count by 23,267. Ballots went out this year on Oct. 15.

Here’s the breakdown for 2018’s second batch of early ballot returns:

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