JCEA: Refused Check “Unusual”

Kiki Traylor’s returning of a $2,000 donation from the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) was “unusual”, said Dexter Meyer, Director of Communications for the JCEA.

“She felt the money would hurt her in the primary,” explained Meyer.

Controversy erupted last week when operatives for Mike Kopp, one of Traylor’s Republican primary opponents in Senate District 22, filed a complaint with the Secretary of State’s office alleging Traylor failed to report $1,000 for the Colorado Education Association.  Another $2,000 donation from the JCEA was discovered unreported the next day, leading to more complaints by Kopp supporters.Traylor said she ripped up the two checks from the teacher’s unions, and that’s why they were not reported.

When asked if the JCEA had ever had a check ripped up before, Meyer felt reports had been “exaggerated”.  Traylor called the JCEA to inform them she would not be accepting their donation and voided the check.

Traylor also explained she wanted the “continued support” of the JCEA.

The JCEA typically looks at all races in the district before giving money, said Meyer.  Support is given to candidates deemed a “friend of Public Education”, regardless of political affiliation.

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