Letter to the Editor

    To the Editor;

    I read in the Coloradoan that my so-called representative, Marilyn Musgrave, has called for “every American to spend five minutes a week praying for the nation.” Now, on the face of it, that seems like a “good” thing to do.

    But then I read further that “the Congressional Prayer Caucus wants to ‘build a spiritual prayer wall around America’ that will not cease ‘until God heals our land.'” It’s a spiritual “star wars” defense!

    Their blatant attempt to “use” God politically is transparently self-serving. While they are reeling under the slowly-but-surely-emerging truths that W’s so-called “compassionate conservatives” are neither compassionate nor conservative, they attempt to deflect criticism by turning to their meaningless slogans embodying general concepts that they don’t actually believe (when you look into what they do vs. what they say). Slogans are not enough!

    They attempt to cast God as a special ops team-member who will enforce their political will. Who says fundamentalists aren’t inventive? The trouble is that the inventiveness is always directed towards manipulation in order to maintain their earthly power, rather than embracing God’s love for all mankind (no exceptions). This call for “healing” while they promote divisiveness is simply the latest example.

    “We’ll let God sort it out as to which one’s right…? But they apparently believe that they are God’s “muscle” here on earth to enforce their own narrow interpretation of what’s “right,” rather than letting God sort it all out.

    J.K. Peterson
    Fort Collins, CO

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