Colorado Republicans rallied by state assembly siege rhetoric

LOVELAND– U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman brought the house down Saturday at the Colorado Republican Party assembly here when he stood foursquare with Arizona over immigration.

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman

“The people of Arizona have had enough of illegal immigration, they’ve had enough of a federal government that will not secure our borders. I can tell you this: My wife and I are planning a vacation in the State of Arizona. The boycott is wrong and we need to stand with the people of Arizona for secure borders.” Coffman received long loud applause.

“People refer to the good old days when Republicans and Democrats got along— I like the partisanship in Washington today,” he said. “I like the fact we are called ‘the party of no’. I believe being the party of no means voting against the unsconstitutional takevover of health care. I am proud to be part of the party of no if it means saying no to out of control spending. I am proud of being in the party of no if it means being opposed to thinking that protecting the rights of terrorists is more important than protecting the lives of Americans.”

He noted that every two or four years, people say this is the most important election ever. “But this time I really mean it. It is a referendum on the future of America.”

Coffman said this election will determine whether America goes down the path of socialism or the path of individual liberty and freedom.

Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams earlier rallied the crowd with similar sentiments. “Accidental Senator Michael Bennet, and Denver Mayor John Hickenritter want to make us like Europe. We won’t stand for that. Hear me clearly, Mayor Hickenritter, Senator Bennet, Representative Betsy Markey, Representative John Salazar—you will not make the United States of America just another part of Europe.”

State Vice Chair Leondray Gholston said America’s torch has burned down “under the pall of big government” and of leadership that does not understand that they do not rule in America. “We the people are sovereign. We believe in the principles that make this country shine. We believe in the ability of Americans to right our ship. This is a fight we didn’t seek but we are in the fight of our lives, of our children’s lives. Can you hear us now? The answer to that is simple. Yes they see us standing here and they tremble at every word. They cannot drown out a single syllable. We are tired of the nonsense and we are going to take our country back. This is a fight we must win.

“There is no other choice than victory. Good morning to freedom and good morning to victory because that is where we are heading today,” he said.

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