VIDEO: Super PAC supporting Bachmann goes after Perry spending record

Rep. Michele Bachmann. Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr

Keep Conservatives United, a Super PAC supporting GOP presidential contender Michele Bachmann, released an ad this week attacking one of Bachmann’s main competitors for the Republican nomination, Rick Perry. The ad claims Perry engaged in record borrowing as governor of Texas.

The ad “documents the contradiction between Governor Perry’s claim his number one principle is ‘Don’t spend all the money’ and his recent record borrowing to fund government in Texas,” the group said in a statement. “While Perry is borrowing record dollars to cover his deficit, Bachmann led the fight against Washington’s deal to increase debt. Keep Conservatives United’s ads make the difference clear.”

The ads will run in South Carolina, an early primary state, on Fox News, CNN and CNBC.

Here’s the ad:

Perry has been out-polling Bachmann since he entered the race in early August, the same day that Bachmann won the coveted Iowa Straw Poll.

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