Radio host Boyles’ birther billboards to grace Denver interstate

KHOW radio’s Peter Boyles wears labels like “xenophobe” and “racist” as badges of honor, often comparing himself to Galileo and Copernicus; that is, as an outsider-advocate for the truth. During Tuesday’s broadcast, Boyles announced his commitment to the truth sought by the “birther” movement, explaining that he has joined with World Net Daily (WND) to launch an ad campaign questioning Pres. Obama’s citizenship and asking to see the president’s birth certificate.

Peter Boyles
Peter Boyles

During a conversation with guest Drew Zahn, WND contributor, Boyles said that, as a result of his on-air efforts, two billboards, pasted front and back with the question “Where is the birth certificate?” would be placed along I-70, where they will be viewed by more than 300,000 Denver-area commuters each day. Boyles said that birther Phil Wolf volunteered the billboards.

The boards will be located on Wolf Leasing Internet & Sales lot in Wheat Ridge.

“One thing led to another and I got a hold of Pete….I told him I’d be willing to donate my signs for the message,” Wolf told World Net Daily.

“It’s a very cool moment,” Boyles reportedly told his audience on Friday. “It’ll rock ‘n’ roll when this happens… Maybe other radio talk-show hosts will do the same and see what their audiences do.”

On Tuesday, Boyles said that though there was a growing call to mention Obama directly in the campaign, he felt that the original copy written by Joseph Farah, World Net Daily editor and chief executive officer, was powerful enough.

“The sign will just simply say, ‘Where is the birth certificate?”

Zahn added that the campaign was not “directly an attack on Barack Obama.”

“We are asking the issue about the birth certificate because it is an issue of Constitutional eligibility.”

Boyles and Zahn attacked fact-check websites. Boyles berated, which he calls “Snoops,” saying that it was an anti-“birther” website. Zahn said it was “the work of one woman in her basement.” They agreed that’s hosting Obama’s certificate of live birth failed to persuasively counter assertions that Obama was not born in the United States. And neither man mentioned any of the statements that have issued from officials in Hawaii on the matter and that speak to the legitimacy of Obama’s native U.S. birth.

Boyles contended that the birther movement is gaining traction despite mainstream ridicule. “Our billboards are the best example of the forward momentum of the movement,” he said.

“I have car dealerships in Montana and Wyoming also, and I plan on putting up the signs everywhere,” Wolf told World Net Daily.

Why are so many people out there working so hard to debunk the claims? asked Boyles on his Tuesday show. As an answer, he and Zahn quoted Shakespeare in unison: “I think the lady doth protest too much!”

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